Publications by Year: 2019

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Vasios N, Narang Y, Aktas B, Howe R, Bertoldi K. Numerical Analysis of Periodic Laminar and Fibrous Media Undergoing a Jamming Transition. European Journal of Mechanics \ A Solids. 2019;75 :322-329. [pdf] [Abaqus Python Scripts]
Deng B, Tournat V, Wang P, Bertoldi K. Anomalous Collisions of Elastic Vector Solitons in Mechanical Metamaterials. Physical Review Letters. 2019;122 :044101. [pdf] [movie] [code]
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Gross A, Pantidis P, Bertoldi K, Gerasimidis S. Correlation between topology and elastic properties of imperfect truss-lattice materials. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. 2019;124 :577-598. [pdf]